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If you are wondering what a cocktation is, yours is a valid question. Cocktation is in fact a made-up word that tumbled from my mouth one day when I was trying to say the word concoction. That nifty little neologism was the seed idea for this blog, and here we both are today.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hot Buttered Rum

Today in St. Louis, MO we had a few snow flurries. It's almost Christmas and shoppers were hustling and bustling about in the chill to get the last few gifts on their lists, myself included. After spending a cold Winter day braving the holiday crowds and elements, nothing sounds more comforting than a warm, inviting mug of hot buttered rum.

Hot Buttered Rum (for two)
5 (or so) allspice berries, 4 (or so) cloves, 1/3 (or so) of a cinnamon stick
Pulverize the spices into small chunks with a mortar and pestle and add to 2 cups of boiling water.
Stir and set aside.
In two pre-warmed mugs use a channel knife to cut a swath of orange zest and lemon zest into each cup.
(Be sure to get the oils that spray forth into the mugs as well.)
Grate a bit of nutmeg into each mug.
Add 1 tsp of butter to the bottom of each mug.
Add 1 to 1.5 tsp of brown sugar to each mug.
Add 1 to 1.5 tsp of demerara sugar to each mug.
Add 2 oz good dark rum (I used Barbancourt 8-year-old) to each mug.
Stir the spice and hot water mixture and measure out 6 oz for each mug.
Pour the hot water into each mug, stirring to melt the butter.

The result should be a hot, spicy-sweet, rumlicious beverage with a hint of citrus and creamy foam on top--perfect for warming up while the wind and snow blows outside.

Cheers! ~Dr. Cocktation

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