Cocktails + Libations = Cocktations

If you are wondering what a cocktation is, yours is a valid question. Cocktation is in fact a made-up word that tumbled from my mouth one day when I was trying to say the word concoction. That nifty little neologism was the seed idea for this blog, and here we both are today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dusty Bowtie

This one goes out to someone with whom I work, who often wears bowties and requested his own signature drink using Sloe Gin. He's also not a heavy drinker so this cocktail is light on the booze.

1 oz Bitter Truth Sloe Gin
1/2 oz Bitter Truth Creme de Violette
1/2 oz Scrappy's Sirop de Gomme
3/4 oz Meyer lemon juice
2 dashes Fee Bros Whiskey Barrel Bitters
1 egg white
2 oz soda water

Dry shake to froth egg white. Add ice and shake it like you caught it stealing your lawn mower. Strain into glass with one or two large cubes of ice. Top with 2 oz soda water and two sippy straws.

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